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Orbital Dago
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Jul 18th - Aug 18th

PILGRIM Pameran Tunggal Herry Dim


Orbital Dago is Indonesian contemporary art gallery and the latest addition to the growing art scene in Bandung.

Aiming to broaden the current discourse surrounding contemporary art in Indonesia, Orbital Dago will present the works of Indonesian and international artists who have rarely or have never been presented in Indonesia before.

The exhibition programme will include amongst other things, artist talks, performances and screenings. Primarily concerned with developing the careers of its artists and nurturing an inquisitive and critical audience, Orbital Dago will function as a bridge between Indonesia and the world beyond, presenting and positioning their works within a greater international context. Itself the product of a creative collaboration, Orbital Dago will provide a platform for artistic dialogue and an avenue for which new collaborative opportunities can be explored. More than anything, Orbital Dago is an artistic expression concerned with the present yet anticipative of the future.

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