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Michael Binuko (Koko)
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Michael Binuko is an award-winning emerging artist. He won the Young Artist Award at ArtJOG13 (2013) and was a finalist of the Bandung Contemporary Art Award (2012). Binuko has exhibited at the 2015 Asia Art Network: Soul of Asia in Seoul, Guanian International Print Biennial in Shenzhen (2013), and at the National Gallery of Indonesia (2014, 2015) in the exhibitions “Manifesto No. 4: Keseharian: Mencandra Tanda-Tanda Masa.” (Manifesto No. 4: Daily Life: Recognizing the Signs of the Times) and “Langkah Kepalang Dekolonialisasi – Special Exhibition: Negosiasi dan Agresi” (Inadequate Steps Towards Decolonization – Special Exhibition: Negotiation and Aggression). He presented his Bandung solo exhibition “Fabel Mikroskopik” (Microscopic Fables) in 2014.


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