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Safa'at was born on February 18, 1995 in Bogor, West Java. Starting the art of drawing caricatures, since 2013, makes it more serious for art, especially when studying Fine Arts in 2014 at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia with a focus on painting. Safa'at is one part of Kecil Matil, a group of young artists who are her classmates in college. who joined the group since 2017. before joining the "Kecil Matil" group in 2017, Safa'at started an art activity since 2015, which begins with an exhibition at a gallery in UiTM, Selangor Malaysia. and since then began to actively participate in several exhibitions in several cities such as Bandung, Jakarta and Solo. until now still continue to work, which in some of his work often talk about the irony that occurred in the social environment.


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