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Luki Lutvia
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Luki Lutvia (Biography)

Born in Bandung January 21st, 1963, Luki spend the early 5 years of her childhood in England with her family, her father was a reporter at BBC London, return back to Indonesia in 1969.

Since she was a young girl she has already have interest for art, after graduating High school in 1981 she tried to enroll for art and design school at ITB but failed and after her second attempt she got in and started her freshman in 1982

Her passion for fashion develops through out the year in high school, textile design become her choices of major.
Teaching assistant while in college was her first experience and her "first job" that leads her to being a lecturer until now.

Luki graduate college in 1987 then started a small business with her fellow college friend producing textiles for house hold with the brand called El&El, at the same time working part-time job as an artist doing airbrush work for brochures and graphic designs at her husband's company, Zee Studio.

In 1996 she started her teaching carrier at STISI Bandung, became the head of Textile Design Studio in 1998 to 2001. in 1999 she took her master's degree at Bandung Institute of Technology with her thesis “Evening Oufit Designs of Indonesian Women with Chinese Descendant , A study case in Bandung”.

Soon after graduate in December 2001 she then move to USA following her heart, wanting to travel and gain experience living and learning different culture. it was then when she started to discover her new passion for photography. With her interest in macro shots she created art through her photos.

Her motto is “Seek for beauty in the most mundane place" In her opinion beauty is everywhere and in everything even in a place that not people would think of, although she also tried to explore other photography style.

Her work can be found in these links:

After 15 years living in USA she then return to Indonesia in 2016, made a comeback as a lecturer at several universities teaching Basic Photography at ITHB and UMB also at ITENAS teaching Nirmana 2D (basic principles of art and design).

At 2017 she joined Komunitas 22Ibu a group of talented women that dedicate themselves to art. With the group she did art shows including The Power of Silence an exhibition at Equilibrium Gallery (2017) and Sang Subyek at Bentara Budaya Bali (2018).


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