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Eri Taopik
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Eri Taopik was born on 16 April 1996 in Cianjur, West Java. Eri is interested in visual arts since childhood, especially when studying in Fine Arts Education, University of Indonesia Education from 2014 until today, Ajay is part of a community or small group called 'Kecil Matil' involved in the art movement in Bandung. Eri has participated in several group art exhibitions at national and international level, such as the exhibition of diversity of the archipelago as ASEAN 2016 in Bandung, Art Exhibition in various daerag such as Bali, Solo, Jogja, Malang and Jakarta. Eri also held a group exhibition (two) named exhibition 'Kecil Matil' in December 2017 at Griya Seni Popo Iskandar (GSPI) Bandung. Eri is very interested in the common problems that occur in humans and the environment. The works are mostly presented in both digital and conventional drawings and paintings with canvas, wood, clothing, shoes and other materials.


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