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Open Studio dan Presentasi Karya

Studio_batur Jan, 12th - 15th, 2018

Thuy Tien Nguyen emerged on to the Vietnamese art scene three years ago and has been very dedicated and dynamic, constantly expanding the scope of her practice and experimenting with various media, including photography, video, text, installation and performance. A storyteller at heart, Thuy-Tien’s multimedia body of work evolves around the deepest and most vulnerable parts of her self, psyche, body and existence; and deals with the struggles and complexities she faces on her journey through life. Toying with notions of concealment and revelation, private and public, limitation and freedom. In the most untamed but sincere manner, Thuy Tien exposes her details and secrets, even the disturbing and unspeakable, mixing fact and fictions in chapters that are both sequential and non sequential, often putting the audience in a state of unsettlement, haziness, and disorientation.

Thuy Tien Nguyen mengeksplor idea tentang bagian dari rumah, salah satunya diresidensi ini ia memindahkan bagian dari tubuhnya menjadi bagian dari rumah. 

Pada projek ini ia mencoba mentransfer stretch mars dari tubuhnya kepada partisi lantai, mengambil ide dari ragam hias komposisi marbling yang biasanya terdapat pada partisi lantai seperti tegel dan keramik. Pada saat pameran ia juga membuat sebuah permainan interaksi bersama audiens untuk mencari bagian partisi lantai yang disembunyikan. Audiens yang berhasil menemukan mendapatkan hadiah dari Tien.

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