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KARYA-USIA, 86 tahun A.D. Pirous

Serambi Pirous Studio Gallery Mar 13th - Apr 27th, 2018

Serambi Pirous exhibiting KARYA-USIA. A collection of A.D. Pirous’s early works during 1956-1986 period which is a journey of Pirous's works in the first 30 years.
This exhibition is also a celebration of A.D. Pirous's 86th birthday.

Series of artworks on display describe the face of his first identity. Uniquely, the presented themes are an everyday topic commonly chosen by artists. It is because Pirous is often charmed with everyday things around him. Series of sceneries, human figures, faces, homes, and also experimental form of water plant tendrils showed in his paintings and prints. Strong strokes with vibrant colors indicate an expressive young man. In other words, we are seeing the journey of Pirous’s works before he became A.D. Pirous as he is now.


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