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What If? (Figure no. 3 football fans)
32.0 x 18.0 x 11.0 cm
Plastic scale model, Epoxy putty, Acrylic & Automotive paint

(born in Jakarta 1984, lives and works in Bandung) uniquely, through his sculptures, creates involvements of symbolisms, cynicisms and satire through either form or materials. This time, he presents What If (Figur No: 3, Football Fans) (2016), a sculpture of a goalkeeper catching a fan wearing the uniform of a well-known English Premier League club. The football fan is ‘chunky’ and has his fists up in the air. This work is a commentary of the crazed obsession that the global community has for football. Wiyoga’s work seems to be the opposite of the idea behind Marina and Ulay’s performance work. However, the essence is the same: to reexamine the values found in urban societies in the Information Age, where penetration of global icons and a strong sense of obsession help define a global-international community.

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