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Sedia Karya Seni Kontemporer: "Maaf Sold Out!"
400.0 x 200.0 x 80.0 cm
Mix Media
Paint on paper, Lamination, Hanger, Wooden clip, Mannequin, Fabric, Shelf.

(born in Surabaya, 1990, lives and works in Bandung) presents an installation titled Maaf Sold Out! (2017), a set of watercolors with elements of texts and objects, arranged in a row reminiscent of a clothing store. His work is a sarcastic take on the contemporary art market. To him, his “installation work serves to represent the “cold” and “leisurely” attitude or pattern shown by the middle class of today; it is also an appropriative response to the practice found in Indonesia’s contemporary art scene.” Several elements in the work grew out of a personal space. He has become an artist who plays symbols alongside irony and sarcasm.

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