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Me and You and a Cycle of Impossible Truth
25.0 x 25.0 x 3.0 cm
oil on canvas

(born in Bandung 1981, lives and works in Bandung) interprets Marina and Ulay’s work through a series of paintings, Me and You and a Cycle of Impossible Truth (2017). These twenty-two paintings are a tribute to Marina and Ulay’s twenty-two Nightsea Crossing performances. To Yogie, Nightsea Crossing is a story about life, metamorphosis, journey, and a connection between the body and the mind, between the psyche and the metaphysics, as represented by Marina’s and Ulay’s efforts, which impacted upon the physical-discipline tradition, and which had been executed across a long period of time in order to arrive at a metaphysical awareness. Yogie challenges physical limitations through paintings that narrate the sequence of a dandelion flower’s life, as a metaphor of life cycle itself. His brushstrokes communicate a glitch effect, a communication failure, which is almost similar to what he felt when ‘reading’ Marina and Ulay’s work. These paintings have been created in the style and effect of the German maestro Gerhard Richter.

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