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Filling the Space Emptying Mind #3
29.0 x 2.0 x 42.0 cm
Technique: Textile color on Korean Flexy Size: 29 cm x 42 cm x 2 cm Concept: For me, meditation through painting activities such as making many dots can bring me to the beauty of the moment, simple, free and empty my mind. Making dots has a high level of difficulty, because people needs patience & at the same time have a good mood... This kind of activities (I assume) is carried out by a great artist like Mr. Widayat. I have done this with (Korean Flexy material) which has been used as a medium of painting which is usually used for banners. This material is very flexible but strong & will not moldy because it uses textile color from Germany that has been tested never fade & never change color. Although this kind of technique is difficult but it is done while meditating, the pain is not felt. During this painting meditation I have been through pain and I want my artwork to be remembered as a resurrection artwork that looks unique and will not be damaged by time travel.

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